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Such rulings have very likely emboldened the federal government to impose on higher education noxious regulations that squarely assault academic freedom and institutional autonomy. Rulings and government regulations change over time, and not always for the better. Academic freedom is, at best, a norm of academic practice, writes William W.

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The movies continued to be popular, but the margins in the theater business were shrinking. With their high overhead costs, the movie palaces went into slow decline. The late 1950s were the golden age of the drive in, an innovation that had begun in the late 1930s but exploded in popularity with the newly mobile teenagers of the baby boom.

Then in June, another woman reported that she was shopping in the same store when the jeweler noticed her large diamond engagement ring and offered to clean it for her while she shopped. He took it in the back to clean it, and she says that she got suspicious when he returned it and the diamond looked cloudy and damaged. An appraiser told her that her rock was in fact not a diamond at all had been replaced with a shiny piece of glass..

HANOI: You can find nice four star properties in this city for $150 a night or so, but one of the great things about Vietnam is that luxurious properties are so affordable. The Sofitel Legend Metropole in Hanoi is a colonial masterpiece with big, swaying ceiling fans in the dining area, perfectly appointed rooms, a fantastic spa and a real sense of style. Somerset Maugham used to stay here, as did Jane Fonda back in her Vietnam protest days.